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X-GPS Monitor

You can monitor your gps tracker or x-gps tracker app installed mobile devices from your Android or IOS device


X-GPS Tracker

You can turn your mobile device to gps tracker with our smart x-gps tracker application

xmonitor X-GPS Monitor (Monitoring App)

The world is becoming mobile driven. Wherever you go, be aware of what’s happening with X-GPS Monitor app. It gives you a completely new level of awareness and convenience.

See where your assets are moving right now. Check every detail of their statuses and access vehicle telemetry from real-time dashboards. View the whole day at a glance with the tracks history. Start your car remotely or block the engine in the event of theft.

Get instant notifications on alerts you defined, highlight them on the map and react accordingly. And access all the vital information you need in seconds.

Drive fleet, align your team and keep all your assets current from anywhere.

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xtrackerX-TRACKER (For target device)

Smartphones and tablets are becoming all-in-one devices that do everything – tracking their owners is one of the purposes. Today you don’t need to ask your employees and family members to carry a traditional GPS tracker in their pocket to know where they are. Instead you just install free X-GPS Tracker app on their mobile device.

It is not the matter of convenience only. It helps to avoid the situation when the person you are tracking ‘forgot’ his GPS tracker. X-GPS Tracker app always runs in the background, restarts when device reboots and minimally affects the energy consumption thanks to dual-mode smart tracking.

Business customers benefit even more with tasks assignment opportunities. They can set and delegate the jobs to employees remotely, check results, chat and exchange documents online.

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